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Relighting Spaces in the Built Environment

Lighting your way to Net Zero

A key element of the government’s Net Zero Strategy is to decarbonise the 80% of existing commercial, industrial and public sector buildings estimated to still be in operation in 2050. Giving us the opportunity to make significant operational carbon savings as well as conserving the original embodied carbon associated with the building's construction. Instead of simply rebuilding, we need to reduce, reuse, and regenerate our way to Net Zero.

Regenerate what you can and replace only what you need to

Join us for one of the CIBSE accredited CPD events to discover expert advice for delivering lighting solutions for space regeneration. This training session looks at what good lighting looks like for an existing space and how we can utilise already installed assets to deliver the lowest carbon impact without compromising on the needs of people.

During the session you will learn about​:

  • The environmental impact of the Built Environment today  
  • What does the successful lighting of a regenerated space look like?
  • Considerations when delivering lighting solutions for space regeneration
  • Understanding the environmental impacts of a new lighting installation
  • How to regenerate existing lighting with minimal carbon footprint

Who should attend?

The training is designed for those wanting to know more about decarbonising existing assets and delivering sustainable lighting systems with the lowest carbon impact i.e:

  • Facilities and Building Managers
  • Building Service Contractors
  • Project Managers
  • Lighting Designers and Consultants
  • Sustainability and ESG Managers


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